Our Objectives


  • To support women and girls in Africa to live to their full potential by implementing advocacy and economic empowerment programs.
  • To build the leadership capacity of women and young people so as to help them contribute to national development.
  • To support disadvantaged young people in Africa to lead healthy and productive lives by leveraging on technology and entrepreneurship training.
  • To complement government and private sector effort so as to create cross-sectoral and intergenerational platform for strengthening economic growth.
  • To organise community groups , educational institutions and experts in a way that will help them provide technical support for women, children and young people so as to create a conducive platform for them to contribute to national development.
  • To organise events, establish initiatives for the sole purpose of raising funds for charity and establish an orphanage to cater for needs of under-privileged children.
  • To organise capacity building and mentorship initiatives that will empower women and young people to create their business and champion health and development interventions


Our Core Values

We work towards exceeding the highest possible standards in all our activities. Exhibiting excellence for us is more than an attitude; it is our way of life.
We are committed to ethical and completely transparent practices in all our activities.
We pride ourselves in taking on only projects of acute relevance that exhibit commitment to societal development.
While we embrace diversity, we are committed to mutually beneficial cooperation through consistent information sharing and communication in all our partnership and exchange relationships.